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5 Reasons I LOVE My New TV Toy! – Shaw BlueSky TV

5 Reasons I LOVE My New TV Toy! – Shaw BlueSky TV

Ok. This is a post where I am going to let you know a few of my deep dark secrets. Yep. Are you prepared? It’s a bit scary.



*wrings hands*

I don’t know how to say this. I watch a LOT of television. Like a LOT. And *watch* is maybe the wrong term. It’s more that I keep television going in the background while I work. Some people listen to music, some people listen to podcasts, I listen to Television. What does that mean (other than I sit on the couch for many, many hours a week)? It means that I care more than the average person about my television and how it works.

I haven’t really written about my cable in the past because….well….there wasn’t much to say. It worked. Ish. Mostly. I didn’t hate it. That would have been the most boring blog post EVER.

Well, in January I got Shaw BlueSky installed. It is so awesome! Like awesome enough that I can’t cover all the awesomeness in one post. True story. So instead of rambling on, I am going to tell you my 5 favourite things so far. Stay tuned for future posts with more awesomeness in the future.

Voice Control Remote for BlueSky TV by Shaw

1. The new BlueSky remote can be voice controlled. Just press the blue microphone and speak into the remote. My husband keeps asking me if there is a “list of voice commands”. Nope. Unlike a lot of not-so-great voice system, it recognizes what you say. It doesn’t need you to say one of a small list of commands. Want to watch Global? Say Global. Want to see your recordings? Say recordings. You can even say a phrase like “To infinity and beyond!” and it will bring up Toy Story. I am SO NOT KIDDING! Cool, right?

Last Button on BlueSky TV by Shaw

2. The Last Button is actually USEFUL. You know that button on your remote that says “last” or “previous”? The one that you accidentally hit and it takes you back to the last channel you were on but it usually does it when you are watching a show that you had on pause and then it wrecks everything. Well on BlueSky, the “Last” button brings up the last 9 things you watched and doesn’t change the channel immediately. Now THAT is useful. And it isn’t just the last channels. It includes on demand content as well.

Kids zone BlueSky TV by Shaw

3. The Kids Zone – A zone just for kids. No more looking for the kid’s channels. The Kids’ Zone brings together all the kid programing in one place. It mashes together live content and on demand content. Plus you can lock kids into the zone so they can’t get to other content and you can password protect buying pay-per-view content.

4. Embedded CraveTV – When you go to search for a show, BlueSky brings up everything. Future air times, on demand content and CraveTV content. This is awesome because you don’t have to click around to find this information. It is hosted to you all on one screen.

5. Channels reordered to make sense – Unfortunately, if you have memorized your channel layouts, you will have to relearn a few things. Thankfully, this way actually makes sense. 100s are the usual big networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CTV, Global, etc.), 200s are the sports channels, 300s are kid’s channels, 400s are things like Food channel, HGTV, Slice, DIY, etc, 500s are Music channels (Much, MTv, etc) and 600s are Pay per view. Easy peasy!

Well, I’m at 5 so I have to stop now. Darn it.

BlueSky TV is currently available in Vancouver and Calgary and will be rolled out further in the future. Want to learn more? Head over to the BlueSky TV website to see more info and to see if your address has BlueSkyTV as an option. Have specific questions? Leave them for me in the comments and I’ll try to find out the answer!

5 Reasons I LOVE My New TV Toy! - Shaw BlueSky TV


Disclosure: I was given BlueSky TV from Shaw to use it and share my experiences with my readers. As always, all opinions are my own.


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