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13 Reasons Why and More. Shows to Watch with Your Teens

13 Reasons Why and More. Shows to Watch with Your Teens

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. I get various perks in exchange for sharing what I love about Netflix with you. Today…it’s all about shows to watch with your teens!

13 Reasons Why has taken the world by storm. I can’t remember a time when a show was so polarizing and so talked about. I have had discussions about it with at least 3 different groups of friends.

Thankfully, I haven’t been affected closely by suicide. I am currently watching the show and it brings back all the memories of why high school was a time I never want to return to. I haven’t made it to the more shocking and in your face episodes but I have heard and read lots about the actual episodes and lots of opinions on whether others should watch the show.

I can see people’s opinions on both sides. The show may be triggering for some but I also see that it can be an amazing opportunity to open a dialogue with your teen about a subject that doesn’t get nearly enough focus. So even if your family’s choice is to not watch the show…use it to start the conversation. Then you can make sure you give all the information with all the supports you deem necessary.

And before you decide…have a look at what parents and kids had to say about having these conversations…

If you are thinking of watching 13 Reasons Why with your teen and are looking for additional information, here are some resources to help navigate the conversation: 13 Reasons Why Talking Points (created by and the JED Foundation) and the after-show titled 13 Reasons Why: Beyond The Reasons. If you are immediately concerned about a teen in your life, you can find a list of local market resources on this 13 Reasons Why Global Resource Website.

Teens and TV Infographic

And remember, 13 Reasons Why isn’t the only show your teens are watching! Feeling a bit out of the loop? Well, 70% of parents worldwide wish they had more to talk about with them. A recent Netflix study reveals a new place where you can find common ground: Entertainment. Canadian parents (82%) are already watching teen shows to feel closer to them and teens around the world (74%) are on board, saying they’d be interested in talking to parents about the shows they watch. With the majority (89%) of Canadian parents agreeing entertainment would give them something to talk about, let Netflix be the common ground and try taking a walk in your kid’s shows.

Netflix Watching Guide for Parents

So turn on the Flix, find something to watch TOGETHER and talk. It can only be a positive to start a dialogue. Making those connections over laughs, cringes and groans in common when it is about someone else is always easier than having those tough conversations from scratch. And your teen will thank you for it one day…though it may be when they are 25.

Also…is it wrong that I watch ALL these shows and I’m not a teen?



Dawn McAlexander

Thursday 4th of May 2017

I like Netflix a lot. I watch several shows on there. I haven't seen 13 Reasons yet, but I have heard a whole lot of talk about it. I might try to check it out. Unfortunately, it comes a little too late for us to watch it with any teenagers in our house. Our daughter is 20 and has moved out on her own.


Thursday 4th of May 2017

This show certainly is a hot topic, huh?! I get it, though! I don't have kids, so it's hard for me to comment on whether it's appropriate for whatever age groups. However, I think they talk about a lot of things that SHOULD be talked about in a real way. The suicide scene is brutal, but so is suicide. I appreciated that they didn't hold back there. I don't know. I can't find the words I am looking for, but overall, I think it's good to talk about the no-so-pretty realities in life.

Merry Kuchle

Thursday 4th of May 2017

That is where I am too. It has people talking. That is GOOD.