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Small Town Alabama Antiquing!

Small Town Alabama Antiquing!

You all know that I LOVE antiquing. While we have some great antique stores around Calgary, I always seem to find really cool stuff when I visit Alabama without trying very hard (no big road trips…I just visit the stores in my home town). It’s like taking a step back in time. Even the pieces that you aren’t interested in give you a view into history and how people lived in the past. It’s like a visit to a museum where everything is for sale!

Here are a few treasures I spied at Railroad Antiques in Winfield, AL. They had so many great things and pretty reasonable prices. If only my suitcase were bigger!

Finding pyrex while antiquing
First things first…..Pyrex! I love Pyrex but great pieces in good shape are hard to find. I wanted to take this entire shelf home with me. Instead I bought the two bowls on the middle shelf left for $22!
map chair
I also got a great idea for updating an old chair. This old classroom chair had maps mod podged on the seat and back. Easy and super cute!

antiquing in Alabama
My treasures I took home. Pyrex and a metal cake carrier. I’m in love with both, aren’t you?

We also visited Winfield Antique Mall. It is a huge store with everything under the sun. I found thief prices really high though. Here are some of the interesting things we saw there:

antique record player
I love this record player. I had one had as a kid but it was no where near this cool.

What a cute little juicer duck! 

An old fashioned stroller. It looks more like a torture device! 

I love this antique scooter. It’s just my speed with 4 wheels.

 mini cast iron skillets

A box full of tiny cast iron skillets. I didn’t realize so many companies used little skillets for advertising.

I always laugh at the crazy things I find. I’m not sure what decor this duo would fit with but if it is yours….they are still for sale.

And if you don’t like sleep, this creepy duo is still for sale too. I think they may be left over from a horror movie! Creepy!

Antique Westinghouse butter dish

You know I had to take something home! I purchased this super cute yellow Westinghouse butter dish for $20. It holds a pound of butter which is perfect for me since butter in Canada is not generally sold in sticks.

Do you love antiquing? I’d love to hear about your most recent or favourite finds!