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Smash and Tess Romper Styling Ideas

I will admit that I was a closet romper hater. Not that I’d owned a romper since I was 12. I was convinced that having to gear down to pee was a show stopper. Then I bought a store that carried the Smash and Tess romper line. I decided that I had to at least try one or I would be a massive hypocrite.

Wait for it.

I was wrong. I know, I know, you could have told me. They are literally the most comfortable thing I’ve had on my body. However, though comfort is very important to me, style is a thing too. So, I decided that if I didn’t really know how to style a Smash and Tess romper, maybe others didn’t either.

Earlier this week, I gave myself the challenge to post romper styling ideas on my store’s Instagram page. I arrived a bit early and quickly changed from one look to another. Eventually, I stopped because Instagram only lets you post so many pictures in one post. There are definitely more ideas but here is what I came up with. Have more? I’d love to see them!

Which Smash and Tess Romper Is This?

Smash and Tess Sweetheart Romper in Medium

Smash and Tess has a variety of rompers available in a variety of places both online and in person. If you are in Central Alberta, I’d love it if you bought one from meeeee but I get it. The romper shown in these stylings is a Smash and Tess Sweetheart romper in size Medium. This is a smaller size than I thought I would wear so trying on one is a must. Also, I’ve noticed that the sizing varies from style to style.

Smash and Tess Romper Styling Ideas

When you try on a romper, I suggest trying it on with things you want to wear with it. I don’t LOVE how mine looks by itself. The romper is great but I don’t feel all that awesome in it alone. Maybe it’s just me but when I’ve had others try it on, it definitely goes better when you try out a finished look, not just the romper alone.

Warm Weather Smash and Tess Romper Idea

Layering looks aren’t just for fall and winter. Try out a long vest for a sleeveless summery look.

Cozy Smash and Tess

Looking for something cozy and comfy? Pair with a comfortable long cardigan and a scarf. This look would also work well with tall boots.

Blue Jean Jacket Smash and Tess Romper Styling

Heading out for date night? I love this look with a blue jean jacket (with sleeves rolled up) and a scarf. This look is great with flats or tall boots work too.

Night out styling idea

Looking for something a bit more formal? I love this wool coat with a bit of bling and a multi-strand necklace. Want to kick this styling up a notch? Throw on a pair of heels.

Lounging in comfort

After rocking your style out and about, throw on your Smash and Tess Cardirobe and hit the couch in style. Love it!

What do you think? Are you a romper convert or are you still not sure? It’s definitely a great, slimming under layer that is the perfect canvas for lots of great styling pieces. I will go out on a limb and say that EVERYONE needs one in their closet. Yep, I said it. Everyone!

Smash and Tess Romper Styling Ideas

Cindy Bertrand

Sunday 5th of April 2020

I would like to know which romper you are modelling here? Do they all have tight ankles?

Thanks, Cindy

Merry Kuchle

Sunday 5th of April 2020

The tank top ruffle one. The ankles are tapered but not tight.