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A Lazy Mom’s Spring Cleaning Guide Printable

A Lazy Mom’s Spring Cleaning Guide Printable

Spring arrives in just 6 days but it feels like it might be NEVER here in Calgary. The weather is nicer this week but that means that the nice white snow has been replaced with brown, dirty BLECK. There is nothing green as far as the eye can see much less a flower. Where are my Spring flowers? Where? So, to take my mind off the dreary outdoors, I am throwing myself into spring cleaning.

Earlier this week, I went through my shoes and culled the ones that I have been keeping even though they make me want to rip my feet off at the hip (am I the only one that does this? As if they will ever get more comfortable.). Once all the extra stuff is gone, it’s time to get in there and deep clean.

This year, I’ve added a new product to my repertoire. It has a name you will recognize but with a great new scent. Pine-Sol has released it’s new Spring Blossom scent just in time for Spring Cleaning. No flowers outside? You are in luck. It will smell like a flower garden in your house! It will *almost* make you forget that it still looks like THIS outside.

Not so Springy

So get cleaning! Here is my list of my “must clean” areas in my home. Is it exhaustive? Heck no! But it will hit the high points and you will be left feeling your house is fresh and clean for Spring. Need a deeper clean? Hit up Pinterest. Those lists are hundreds of items long. I am pretty sure that will never, ever happen here. If you are ok with a Lazy Mom’s list, click the pic below to launch a printable pdf.

Printable Spring Cleaning List

Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaners help you keep your entire house clean with a variety of fresh scents. This powerful multi-surface cleaner provides 4X the cleaning action by deodorizing and cutting through grease, grime and dirt. Available nationally at grocery and discount retailers in the 1.41 Litre size for ~$4.49.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pine-Sol Spring Blossom. As always, all opinions are my own!

A Lazy Mom's Spring CleaningGuide!(Printable)