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7 Tips for a Fabulous Staycation This Spring

Traveling can be expensive. Instead of planning a big trip, many families are deciding to stay home this Spring Break. Staycations don’t have to be a boring alternative to a big trip. With a bit of planning, they can be a fun and relaxing alternative.

Here are seven tips on how to fully enjoy your staycation (perhaps you can even try one a day) this Spring. Instead of thinking of it as “staying at home” become a tourist in your very own city or province. You can stay indoors, cozy and warm, or get outside and enjoy an adventure.

1. Plan an indoor excursion. Take a trip to a museum, gallery or science centre (to name a few). Whatever your interest may be – from antiques and art to science and nature – there is an exhibit for you.

2. Visit a local ski resort. Take a day, or two, to hit the slopes with your family; you can ski, snowboard, snow tube, snowshoe or hike, the options are endless.

Tip: If you have family members who are motion sensitive, GravolTM Quick Dissolve Chewables (available for kids and adults) are an effective and convenient option to treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness, so you can get there more comfortably and with less worry.(Just don’t give any to the driver…they can make you drowsy!)

3. Unwind with a good book. With hectic lives and busy schedules, sometimes we don’t have time for the simple things in life, like curling up with a good book. If you have readers in your family, take advantage of some down time and let your mind be captivated by a new story. For younger kids, colouring or picture books might do the trick!

Tip: Head to your local library to find a book for everyone!

4. At-home makeovers. Be your own glam squad and grab those nail polishes, make-up powders, sparkle eye shadows, styling tools and last but not least…BatisteTM Dry Shampoo! It’s perfect to use between washes and easy to use.  Applying quick burst revitalizes hair and removes any excess oil, adding body and texture.  With the new limited-edition BatisteTM Ella Henderson Sweet & Seductive Dry Shampoo, you’ll feel like a celebrity, with hair that looks, feels – and smells – great!

5. Crafts, puzzles and games galore. Now you have time to get into a new project with your kids that could take a few hours or few days, you decide. Check out your local thrift store for

6. Try new recipes. The March break can have us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, inspiring us to tackle that new recipe you or your kids have been wanting to try. Whether it’s a batch of cookies – or a yummy stew – take advantage of your time. It might end up being something you love! In addition to all the good food you’ll cook up, make sure all family members get the get their daily recommended nutrients by taking VitafusionTM Men’s or Women’s Complete Multivitamin and Lil’CrittersTM Gummy VitesTM for kids.

Feeding Chickadees on Staycation

7. Get outside. Go for a walk, a skate at a local rink and maybe pop into a coffee shop to escape from the cold and warm up with a delicious drink.

Staycation Prize Pack

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crystal porter

Tuesday 22nd of March 2016

Go to the lake, have a picnic, read, i like to check out local museums and markets too

Jennifer L.

Tuesday 22nd of March 2016

I like to visit museums and local theaters.

Lee Dixon

Monday 21st of March 2016

Cuddling my family and going out to eat while spending time with my hubby.

Shannon S.

Monday 21st of March 2016

One of our favourite things to do is take the kids to the drive-in movies, love the nostalgic feeling too.

Kristine Ewald

Sunday 20th of March 2016

Relax and sleep