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Summer Beauty Shortcuts You Will Love

Summer Beauty Shortcuts You Will Love

Summer is almost here. If you’re anything like me, summer days are long and full of fun. I love them but I have no interest in maintaining a difficult beauty routine. Less is definitely more. If this sounds like you, keep reading for some great summer beauty shortcuts.

Summer Beauty Shortcuts: Hair

First let’s talk hair….I’m going dry… dry shampoo that is. A good hair day can make all the difference but spending time shampooing, conditioning and blow drying every morning can leave you frantic, frazzled and HOT. My secret weapon for fabulous hair is Batiste Dry Shampoo.

If you haven’t heard of dry shampoo, I suggest you run, not walk, to pick up a can of Batiste. It works to instantly revive hair, leaving it looking and smelling clean and fresh. No wet washing required and most importantly no blow drying. Batiste comes in a variety of fragrances – New Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry is perfect for summer with top notes of pear, melon, kiwi and wildberry!

 If you’ve never used dry shampoo before, don’t worry. It’s easy to use. Simply shake can well. Hold 30 cm away from your hair, section & spray into the roots. Massage thoroughly with fingertips then brush and style as desired. Don’t spray it right into your part, start a little bit below and spray a section at a time. 

Summer Beauty Tips

Summer Beauty Shortcuts: Shaving

Next let’s shaving. Every women’s least favourite chore.

I’m talking about the stubble on your legs that leaves you cringing when you reach for that pair of shorts or even worse the bikini you’ve been hiding in the back of your closet all winter. I’m trading my razor this summer for the new Nair Nourish Crème for Legs & Body. A hair remover cream with Grape Seed Oil plus Antioxidant Rich Resveratrol, it removes hair in as little as three minutes (yes, three minutes) while moisturizing to restore skin’s youthful glow leaving you with smooth skin for days longer than shaving*. Did you read that? Days!

Tip: Stock up! Keep a tube of Nair in your bathroom at home, in the bathroom at the cottage/cabin/summer home and a third one in your gym bag. The minute you spot the stubble, you’ll have it on hand. All it takes is three minutes and a quick shower or damp cloth to rinse! No  need to let it grow out like other methods.

Summer Beauty Shortcuts: Skin

I love using a tinted moisturizer or mineral makeup during the summer. It is light and easy to apply in a rush but it still evens out your skin tone.

Summer Beauty Shortcuts: Your Purse

Summer is all about being out and about. Keep a beauty essentials kit in your purse so you can freshen up anywhere. A travel can of Batiste, a small tube of body lotion, chapstick and a travel deodorant are a must!

P.S. Between the summer heat and a jam-packed schedule, it’s easy to let healthy eating slip by the wayside. To ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs, try adding a multivitamin to your daily health and beauty routine. A complete multivitamin such as the Vitafusion Women’s Complete Multivitamin is a great option. It’s specially formulated to meet our needs and comes in an easy-to-take, delicious gummy. It includes Biotin and helps maintain hair, skin and nail health – ensuring you glow from the inside out this summer!

Now your turn. What are some of your favourite time-saving beauty products?

 5 Summer Beauty Shortcuts You Will Love