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10 Summer Ice Cream Recipes!

10 Summer Ice Cream Recipes!

Summertime means sprinklers, sand, sun and ICE CREAM! Nothing cools you down faster than a big cone of creamy goodness. Here are some great summer ice cream recipes that will have your family cheering for more!

Almond Joy No-Churn Ice Cream


First, an delicious no-churn recipe….Almond Joy No-Churn Ice Cream.


Or maybe a fun, Dory-inspired ice cream made with my summer favorite…blueberries! Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe


watermelon Ice cream cake

Or make this delightful watermelon inspired ice cream cake!

Coconut Ice Cream

Looking for dairy free? This delicious and easy Dairy Free Coconut Ice Cream has you covered without even needing an ice cream maker!

Cherry chocolate frozen yogurt

Looking for a healthy option? Try this cherry chocolate frozen yogurt. You’ll never miss the fat!


Want a fancy dessert that you can make from scratch? Try this Upside Down Chocolate Bowls With Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream.


Nothing like an ice cream sandwich. Kick yours up a notch by making these delish Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Dog Ice Cream

Don’t forget that your furry friends love treats too! Make this healthy and pet approved Dog Ice Cream for you best friend.


Feeling a little HULK SMASH today? We promise this Hulk Smash ice cream (aka mint oreo) will turn you back into a human in no time.


Having a crowd? Make this quick and simple ice cream cake. It’s inexpensive, easy and delicious!


In Calgary and looking for ice cream that you don’t have to make yourself? Check out Calgary Playground Review’s list of the Best Places for Ice Cream In Calgary.

Summer Ice Cream Recipes