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A Superhero Birthday Party at Kids & Company

A Superhero Birthday Party at Kids & Company

Having a party at Kids & Company (yep, the daycare) is kind of like having a party at your house. If your house was spotless. And stocked with a million awesome toys. And flooded with beautiful natural light. And staffed by wonderful teachers. And you did not have to do any planning or work for the party.

So, it’s a lot like having a party at home if you are a princess. Just call me Katie Cambridge.


Costs vary, but a themed party for 10 kids is $275. This includes food, cake, decorations, and two daycare teachers for the duration of the party.


Parties are for kids of all ages, but they are especially great for babies and toddlers. The variety of toys and the amazing teachers made this party ideal for ankle-biters.


Parties are 1.5 hours long, and can be booked in the morning or afternoon on weekends only.


I chose a Superhero theme for the party because my daughter loves Spider-Man. Then my work was done. YAY.

I corresponded with Christie, who is based in Ontario, by email. In coordination with the daycare here in Calgary, she arranged EVERYTHING.

But here’s the best part: we got two daycare teachers for the party! Bisakha and Homa’s experience with children was evident. They were great at rounding up rowdy kids, drawing out shy ones, and leading fun activities. I sat back, took photos, and relaxed.

Having a party at a daycare sounded like a weird idea at first, but it’s actually brilliant. The kids came in and immediately started playing with all the toys that live in the daycare room. The sand table in particular was a big hit. Bisakha and Homa even got toys from the Infant Room for my baby to play with!

All the kids were decked out with superhero masks and wristbands, tattoos, and stickers. Activities included colouring, a ball-toss game, and parachute play. We also played a game where all the kids sat in a circle and tossed a ball of white yarn around, creating a huge “spiderweb.” Then they all crawled around inside it. They thought this was seriously awesome.

There was even cheese-less pizza for the kids who are dairy intolerant! After the party, we were sent home with a superhero mix CD, all the party games, and extra stickers and tattoos.

I asked my daughter what she thought of her party, and she said, “It was super awesome!” She’s only three, so I’m pretty sure the pun was not intended.

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Full Disclosure: I won this party from Kids & Co in a Facebook contest, but the awesomeness has not been exaggerated.