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Talking about #TreatsforToys on BTCalgary

Rice Krispies Treats

Last night I put my best Type A engineer hat on to build three….yep three!…Rice Krispies robots for my TV segment this morning. I was on BTCalgary talking about Rice Krispies #TreatsforToys campaign. Remember that? Yep, I wrote about it when we built a dinosaur a few weeks ago. Basically you head on over to and make one of their Rice Krispies treat toys, take a pic, upload it to their website and they will give $20 to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will then use that money to buy toys for kids in need. It’s a fun activity that gives money to those in need. Easy peasy!

Want to hear more? Watch my segment below (the audio is a bit low so turn it up!).

I have a few treats left so Evan and I are going to make another robot tonight. Make one with your kids. They will love it because it is fun and you’ll love it because it is a great way to give back!

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