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Ten New York City Travel Tips & Tricks

New York Tips and Tricks - Merry About Town
Here are some interesting tidbits of information I’ve picked up on my last few trips to New York City.  Trip planning can be overwhelming so I’ve always looked for any “insider” info that I can find before I go.
  1. Never let anyone touch your Metro card – Nana was “helped” by what we thought was a nice man while she tried to get her Metro card to work.  In reality he was a thief who palmed her unlimited ride card & traded it for a one ride card.  We didn’t realize it until we went to ride the subway the next time.
  2. You can save serious coin by buying your Broadway tickets on the day of the show at the TKTS booth – We saved 50% when buying 2 tickets (~$130 for one show and ~$180 on the other show…these are totals for both tickets).
  3. If you decide to go the TKTS route, buy tickets to the more popular shows on earlier days – The variety of shows available to us on Thursday was much greater than on Saturday.
  4. Just realize that the super new and/or popular shows will most likely not be available at the TKTS office.  If you have your heart set on those shows, buy them in advance.
  5. If you want to buy something at Tiffany’s on a budget hit floor 3 for beautiful sterling silver jewelry. – It’s still not cheap but you can find something pretty for under $200.
  6. The Quicksilver store on Times Square has super cute, well made T-shirts that say New York for men, women and children.  They are stylish and won’t fall apart after one wash like the ones hawked on street corners.
  7. If you have Broadway tickets on Friday or Saturday night you NEED reservations for dinner.  Everyone & their dog are trying to eat dinner before 8pm.  If you don’t have reservations you will end up eating at somewhere subpar.  Ask me how I know.  🙂
  8. The best way to really see New York is a walking tour.  There is a lot you can see from a bus tour but you will have issues with traffic & you can’t see things up close.
  9. If you eat at Carnegie Deli, share a sandwich.  I would recommend the hot pastrami with a side of coleslaw.  This is the perfect meal for two ravenous people for lunch.  Really….I’m not kidding….don’t try to eat this alone, it is just too big.
  10. Last but not least….I can not stress this enough….wear comfortable shoes!!!!!
I would love to hear any of your tips.  I’m hoping that I will be going back soon so I’m always looking for more tips.

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