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The Best Summer Gifts for Kids

The Best Summer Gifts for Kids

Summer is my favourite season because it’s socially acceptable to throw some toys at your kids and then sit on the deck and read your book while they play. Here are the best summer gifts for kids for your next birthday party.

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The Best Summer Gifts for Kids

1) Slackers Slide & Surf Screamin’ 20′ Water Slide 

This thing is basically a slip n’ slide with a shallow pool at one end, and a cushy inflated piece at the other end. It’s awesome! On the regular slip n’ slide, I’m always afraid that the kids will shoot off the end and get grass burn. With this thing, they finish with a splash in the little pool instead. The pool is also a good size and depth for babies to splash in. I tried it too, and it is ALSO fun for adults.

Plus you can sit and watch while the kids have fun by themselves! This alone is worth the purchase price.

2) Cosmic Brightz LED Bike Lights 

Pretty much every kid has a bike, so these make a GREAT gift for birthday parties. We bought some in green for my daughter’s bike this summer, and they are REALLY bright. They look cool even in daylight!

3) 4M Bubble Science Kit 

Bubbles are awesome. Science is awesome. Put them together and you can learn how to make a bubble that’s over a metre long, or how to freeze a bubble that lasts for hours!

4) BIG Traffic Signs 3 Pack 

I really love miniature versions of big-people things. This set includes 5  signs, each of which is 33″ tall. I can see myself pulling out the “stop” sign pretty frequently with my kids.

Play road sign

5) Space Explorer Inflatable Shuttle 

This is a great pool toy, but it would also be really fun for imaginative play. It even has realistic graphics like an instrument panel and a portal view of Earth!

6) Bug Book & Bug Bottle 

My kids are both horrified and fascinated by bugs. This kit comes with a bottle that allows you to catch insects, examine them, and then set them free (or squish them, I won’t judge). The book, written by an entomologist, has information about 47 different bugs.


In case you haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, let me summarize it briefly for you: DINOSAURS ARE AWESOME. This is a sure-fire hit for a birthday gift.

dinosaur kites

8) Ride-On Giant Digger 

Anyone with kids knows that diggers can provide hours of entertainment. Real live diggers are great, tiny toy diggers are great. You know what’s even better? A digger you can RIDE ON and operate!!


9) Adventure Station Diggin’ Geology Kit 

Rocks are another one of those things that are universally loved by kids. As a nerd, I love the fact that this kit arms kids with a real rock pick and hammer for collecting rocks to examine. It also has a magnifier, sifting tray, and collector’s case!

Do you have any go-to gifts for summertime birthdays?