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The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON

Direct flights from Calgary to Orlando were roughly $8B so we had to connect through Hamilton on the way to Orlando.  If you have ever been to the Hamilton, ON airport there is NOTHING there.  It is one big room with all the gates right there.  You have to slog through the snow to climb up outdoor ramps to get to the plane.  Oh…and there’s a Tim Hortons…that’s pretty much it.  When I found out that we would have a 3 hour layover in Hamilton, I googled the airport and found all this out.  I also saw that there was a warplane museum mentioned.  I sent them an email and found out that it was doable during our layover and it’s free with a sameday boarding pass.  Score!  (Ok…I admit….I could care less about warplanes but my husband and the kids would love it so SCORE!)

We left our coats in Calgary so we grabbed a cab over.  If it is nice weather you can walk.  There’s also a canteen there which is cheaper & has more selection than the airport.  If you happen to be in Hamilton, definitely check it out!

Will and Nicole at the Canadian Warplane Museum

Tiny Pilot

Nicole's turn as pilot

Before this, we’ve never left the airport during our layover.  I will definitely look into this option in the future.  it was an awesome way to break up the day and make it seem shorter.


Tuesday 14th of February 2012

We fly through this airport often. I agree, the choices for food aren't aplenty, but if you have to go through somewhere, this airport beats Pearson. OH PEarson is awfully busy and if one can miss the opportunity to hang there, do it.

Glad you found the warplane museum. We love it there!

Shan @ the fairy blogmother

Sunday 12th of February 2012

Oh my, these pictures make me sad! Looks like you guys had a great time though. So close!