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Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget w/Printable

Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget w/Printable

Disclosure: This post about Travel Essentials has been sponsored by TD Insurance. As always, all opinions are my own.

We’re heading into March and the travel season is upon us. People are tired of winter and trying to do something…anything to escape the snow in Canada. First up, hitting the internet to find the latest deals on flights and accommodations and scouring the reviews to make sure everything is perfect. Once you’ve hit the “Book It” button, what is next? What are the travel essentials that you check out before you hit the road? Well, TD Insurance did a survey and here are the things that Canadians do next most often:

  • print out their hotel itinerary/flight tickets (32 per cent)
  • research reviews of locations and attractions (28 per cent)
  • check if their passport is valid (25 per cent)
  • check their destination’s weather forecast (20 per cent).

Some of these things might be important to do BEFORE you book, like looking at you passport validity. One thing that is missing from this list? Travel insurance. More than one third of Canadians have forgotten to purchase travel insurance before. As Canadians, we are lucky that we don’t have to worry about how we will get health care on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that means that it doesn’t really come to mind as something we need to worry about when traveling. We just think that it will be taken care of just like we are at home. THIS JUST ISN’T TRUE. Whether you are traveling overseas, to the US or across Canada, travel insurance is a must.

Exploring the Rice Paddies Outside Ubud

Government health care plans cover you in province but many don’t cover you in the same way when you travel outside the province. Travelling is fun and exciting but a bill for an unexpected ambulance ride is a great way to ruin it. None of us like to consider what could happen. Instead of worrying about it, I like to make sure I am covered before I go. That way, I can have a great trip and know that if something unexpected happens, I’m covered.

Oh, and before you say “but I’m covered by my credit card” or “I’m covered through work”, make sure that you are. You might be fine but it is wise to check your benefit limits and duration of coverage – you can buy top-up coverage if needed.

If you travel often, consider an annual travel insurance plan. This way you are covered and you only have to think about it once. For anyone (like me) who is forgetful, this is a great way to go. Providers, like TD Insurance, have options for unlimited trips of 9, 17, 30 or 60 days throughout the year.

Tips for fun and stress free travel

Look, I realize that thinking about insurance isn’t the most fun part of planning a trip but it is arguably the most important. Think about it early, take care of it and then move on to figuring out how many bathing suits you need to pack. Priorities, people!

I am a list maker. If it doesn’t go on a list, I forget it. For my fellow list lovers, here is a list of the things that often are forgotten but are vitally important travel essentials! Just click on the picture below and it will launch a printable pdf.


Essential Travel Considerations_

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Travel Essentials You Might Forget But Shouldn't w_Printable


Saturday 17th of March 2018

We always take travel insurance; I would worry too much about having to cancel, or getting ill/injured while away.


Friday 16th of March 2018

I'm a list lover too! Thanks for including the checklist!