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Turf (Nerf) Wars Party at Thundrdome Calgary

Turf (Nerf) Wars Party at Thundrdome Calgary

Thank you to Dana of Calgary Playground Review for sharing her Nerf Wars Party at Thundrdome Calgary with us! Check out her blog for loads of great information about Calgary’s playgrounds and parks!

My 9 year old went to a friend’s Nerf party that was held in a rec centre gymnasium. He thought it was amazing and decided he wanted to have a Nerf party too. I looked at some different options and decided upon a Turf War party at the Thundrdome.

Nerf wars at Thundrdome

Turf (Nerf) Wars Party at Thundrdome Amusements in Calgary Details:


Turf Wars (Nerf Wars) regular arena

$250 (2018) for up to 15 kids 5-12 years old (or combination of kids and adults). Larger groups require an additional fee.

Party length: 75 minutes. Party room can be booked for an additional cost in 30 minute intervals.

Other party options are available including Combat Archery, and Turf Wars in the large arena

Activities: Different games such as elimination, infection, capture the flag. First with Nerf guns, then with foam weaponry.

Thundrdome Party

What you get with your Turf Wars Thundrdome Party:

  • 75 minutes in the regular area for the exclusive use of your party. There is also space outside the area where people who are not participating can watch.

Thundrdome Nerf Weaponry

  • Party host who leads different games (such as elimination, infection, capture the flag) and can help troubleshoot the Nerf weaponry.

Thundrdome Turf Wars


  • Nerf War games – Protective face masks. Access to multiple kinds of Nerf guns using 3 different types of darts or discs. This was great because the kids got to try all kind of different guns which they loved. However, it did slow down the actual play, because the kids had to learn how to use different kinds of Nerf guns and find enough of the right bullets. The bullets also tend to get damaged over time. This seemed to annoy me way more than the kids.

Thundrdome Foam Weaponry

  • Foam Weaponry – the second part of the party the kids got to use play games using foam swords and shields. The kids loved both the Nerf portion and foam weaponry portion, but the foam weaponry portion resulted in a few tears.

Thundrdome Party room

Thundrdome Calgary Party Room:

For an additional cost you can book time in a party room. You can order food through Thundrdome Calgary or bring in your own. The space is a little squishy so I recommend doing as much of the prep work as you can prior to everyone being inside the party room.

What I loved About our Thundrdome Calgary Party:

The kids (a mix of boys and girls 7-10 years old) all really enjoyed the party. The host keep the party moving and made it so I didn’t have to do a lot during the Turf War.

At the end of the party the kids were all exhausted from all the physical activity. It was way more physical than I expected. Luckily we had brought a lot of water and juice with us.

I asked my son afterwards what he would have liked to have been different, and he said absolutely nothing.

Turf Wars Party at Thundrdome Calgary

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