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Turning the Page

Family Time

Ever since graduating with a Chemical Engineering degree in 1999 and going to work, I have closely tied my image of myself with what I do for work. Whenever anyone asked me about myself, my job was what I led with.


  • my interests changed
  • I started doing more and more outside of work including my blog, social media, charity work….
  • I met more and more people who were doing things that made me say “Hey….I want to do that!”

It was a gradual process. I still loved where I worked, I still enjoyed the people but….something had changed. I had changed. Dewey and I talked about it more and more over the last few years. What did I want out of a career? What did I want out of life? Where did I want to be in 10 years? 20?

And then it happened….

I put in my notice at work. That’s right, for the first time since I was 16, I don’t have a job.

Cue flapping, heart palpitations and nausea!

Thankfully, the more days that go by the more I get excited by what is next. Short term, the next big thing is a summer off to spend with Evan. We have lots of friends with kids that we’ve never been able to hang out with as much as we want. This year, I forsee many zoo trips, margarita afternoons (for the moms of course) and play dates. Longer term, I am hoping to find some contract/freelance work that will bring fulfillment while also giving me the flexibility that I think my family needs and wants.

So there you have it. I went up to the edge of the cliff and JUMPED! Now to see where I land.

This has to be the scariest thing I have ever done. What have you changed in your life that scared the hell out of you but you did it anyway?


Sunday 21st of April 2013

I'm so excited for you! This is a wonderful time and I hope to meet up with you sometime this summer for some margies!

Kim McD

Friday 19th of April 2013

Its not an end but a beginning of something better. Sometimes following our hearts leads us to where we should have been all along. Enjoy the sunny days and cold drinks ahead!


Friday 19th of April 2013

Good for you, you will find something you love that fulfills you too! I don't think any big change I've ever made was by choice!


Friday 19th of April 2013

Congratulations!! Like you, my biggest jump was stopping working my outside of the home job and starting a whole new chapter. In my case it was starting my own business doing essentially the same type of work I did before (paralegal work), so that I could have the flexibility and control that I desired. It was pretty daunting at first, but I love it now almost 5 years later. I often get asked if I'll go back to a full-time office job now that my littlest is heading to school, but that is not in the cards if I can help it!


Tuesday 16th of April 2013

I think we're trained to see life as a series of destinations, forgetting the magic of the in-between. It's scary and uncertain, but I think that as long as you're open to new opportunities and just take things day by day you'll find that the journey is a lot more fun.