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Untouched Beauty at Punta Sur Park in Cozumel

When we first decided to visit Cozumel, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my mind, I thought it was just an extension of Cancun with more diving. I expected lots of bars and spring breakers. Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth. Travel outside of the port town at all and you are soon surrounded by sparsely populated (though very beautiful) beaches.

One of the quietest places we visited was Punta Sur Park. Due to scheduling issues, we didn’t get to arrive until late in the day.

The lighthouse at Punta Sur

First we explored the beautiful lighthouse. We climbed up the VERY steep stairs all the way to the top. What a view! It was breathtaking! Note that if you have any mobility issues, this light house is not for you. At the very top there is a little square opening that you have to crawl through. It’s not too tough, though, and definitely worth it.

Punta Sur Park in Cozumel

Next we hit visited the beach right at the light house. It was gorgeous but this isn’t where the best beach in the park is located. We wanted to finish exploring this part of the park before we headed that way.

Punta Sur

Across the road is the lagoon where there are salt water crocodiles. I found myself wondering if the raised walkways were going to keep us safe but the crocs seemed pretty sleepy while we were there so I didn’t get the feeling they were willing us to fall into the water to become their dinner.


Around the lagoon, you can also see where the Punta Sur staff are working to reintroduce mangroves into the lagoon.

Regrowing the Mangroves at Punta Sur

Many were destroyed during the last hurricane that hit Cozumel. Unfortunately, they take a long time to grow but they know that it is worth it in the long run to reintroduce them.


After exploring the light house and the lagoon, the main beach area is a short drive away. The picture at the beginning of this post is taken there. It was a gorgeous beach that was very quiet when we were there.

Dewey Playing Lifeguard at Punta Sur

Since we did not get to visit during the prime part of the day, I am not sure how busy it usually is. We were left with the feeling that this would be an amazing place to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of many of the Riviera Maya’s beaches. We will definitely plan to return when we visit Cozumel again.

Info to know about Punta Sur:

The park is large and you do need a vehicle to access the park and to drive from the lighthouse area to the beach. It could be done walking/biking but it is quite far. Bring water and snacks with you. While there are places to buy both at the park, I have read reviews that said the food was quite expensive. We did not eat while there so I can not comment whether this is the case or not. We always like to have snacks with us so that we can make the decision to dine somewhere or not without part of our family getting hangry. Entrance into the park is Adults $14.00 USD | Children $8.00 USD (3-11 years) and the park is open 9am – 4pm Monday – Saturday.