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Family Lake Vacation in Nelson, BC

Our BeachThe Kokanee Beach House

We arrived at the Kokanee Beach house and were very pleased with our rental. We were actually supposed to spend our holiday in Kelowna but our rental got cancelled. In the end, I’m glad that we had to change. I think think we enjoyed ourselves much more than we would have in Kelowna. The house is a full time residence (instead of just a holiday home). The owners were renting it out for the two weeks they were on holidays. We didn’t get to meet the owners but we figured out that they were pretty interesting people by looking at all of the decorations in their house.Will & Daddy
Will gets buried in the sand
The house is right on the lake so most mornings we walked down to the beach. Nana & I would lay out with a good book to try to get a tan while the kids played in the water & sand. My Mom spent most of the time looking for rocks to bring home. I think her suitcase weighed twice as much going home b/c of all the rocks she took back with her. Dewey spent most of his time in Papa Don’s boat or learning how to windsurf. We would watch him surf away getting smaller and smaller and wonder if we would have to go “save” him if the wind died down. He managed to always get back without needing saving.
Nicole & Daddy in the hammock
We spent most of the week close to “home”. Nana and I brought loads of food so we ate most meals at home. Luckily Nana didn’t take a vacation from cooking so we ate like kings (as usual when she’s around). We did head into Nelson on Wednesday because it was our one rainy day. Dewey took the kids and my mom & I went shopping. I ended up buying two pieces of art from The Mermaid Gallery. I’m really happy with the art….now I just have to figure out where to put it in the condo (plenty of walls to choose from since no pictures have been hung yet).
Nana & Papa Don
On Saturday we went to see the Kokanee Salmon spawning in Kokanee Creek. These salmonGoing to see the fish Willverine & the Wolverineturn bright red as they absorb their scales for the extra nutrients they need to travel from the lake up the creek to spawn. We loved watching them fight each other & try to get further up the creek. We had no idea we would get to see this while we were in Nelson so it was a great surprise. After, we went to the Visitor’s Centre. Will especially liked the visitor centre b/c his favorite animal lately is the wolverine (we’ve taken to calling him “Willverine”) & there’s a stuffed one in the visitor center. We didn’t tell him about it so he was pretty surprised. We spent an hour or so there looking at the animals and talking with the staff member that told us all kinds of facts about the area.

Will and Nicole seemed to love the trip. They got to spend quality time with Daddy & got to play in the sand every day. What more could you want? I had a great time but it seemed really short.Me & NicoleWill & NicoleWill, Nicole & My MomNickle PickleWillsy Pillsy


Saturday 29th of September 2007

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