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7 Must Have Vacation Packing Checklist Items

Vacation packing checklist

Whether you are going away for the holidays or planning for a Spring Break getaway, it is always a great timeto think of your vacation packing checklist. Here are some of my must have items!

  1. Gravol: You pack snacks and activities for rainy days at the hotel but what about those windy bus rides to your activities off resort? We are planning our holidays for March and almost all of our activities include either a bus or van ride. I get carsick and so does Evan. Gravol WILL be a part of our travel bag. Otherwise we will be a little green and unable to enjoy our activities.
  2. Rub A535: Feeling adventurous? We whole heartedly recomend climbing a mountain or hiking a waterfall. Unfortunately, if you aren’t used to doing that in your normal life, you may be SORE. This happened to me after a jungle hike to a bat cave in Thailand last year. I wish I had packed my Rub A535! Oh and Rub A535 comes in handy for beach vacations too – don’t say you have never woken up with back pain after falling asleep in a lounge chair!
  3. Warm clothes: One freezing cold tropical vacation and you will never JUST pack bathing suits and shorts again. Always throw an extra sweatshirt and a pair of pants in your suitcase. We have had many cold “tropical” vacations…from a frigid trip to Disney World to a chilly visit to a Mexican resort.
  4. Batiste™ Dry Shampoo: Who has time to spend on their hair while on vacation? Extend the time between washeswith Batiste. A few sprays and your hair will be refreshed and ready to party! Batiste™ Tropical Dry Shampoo has a coconut and exotic fragrance and will leave your hair feeling clean, revitalized and vacation ready!
  5. Granola bars and snack food: Whether you are going to an all-inclusive or renting a cottage for the week, treats are a must! Unusual routines may mean longer periods between meals and tired travelers. Keep a few granola bars in your purse to ensure everybody stays energized and positive. No one likes a HANGRY traveler!
  6. Bandaids: From blisters to a skinned knee….accidents happen. Have bandaids on hand so you won’t have to make a detour to find first aid supplies.
  7. Gallon sized zipper bags: Don’t miss out on that last minute swim because you don’t want your luggage to be wet. Always pack a few zipper bags. You never know when they will come in handy!

Overall, every vacation should leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever the year has in store. Remember to stay organized, ask for help from the family and always pack your everyday favourite items – they will come in handy!

What are your “must pack” vacation packing checklist items?

Disclosure: I am a Church and Dwight ambassador. I have been compensated to share my uses for their products with you. As always, all opinions are my own.

7 Must Pack Items for Travel