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Vin Gogh: Art Parties in Calgary… with a Twist

There are a few different places you can go in Calgary for art parties. But if you go to the new Vin Gogh Paint & Sip Studio for your kids’ party, they paint and you get WINE. It’s true! Read on!

The Story

Local gals Brenda and Loretta opened Vin Gogh a month and a half ago. It’s the first “paint and wine” studio in Canada, where adults come for a painting session AND some fantastic food and wine. It’s not just an art session – it’s a social event. But they also do kids’ parties!

The Studio

Although Brenda claims the Vin Gogh studio was decorated on a “shoestring budget,” the space is industrial and beautiful. The room is flooded with natural light, which makes it perfect for painting. The entire space is spotless.


What really struck me about the space at Vin Gogh is how carefully it was planned. There’s a shelf beside the door full of square cubbies, and Brenda explained that’s where the purses go. Brilliant! You don’t want to ditch your purse on the floor, especially near paint.

This is where an independent business really shines – you can tell that the owners work in the space, and care about it deeply.

The Parties

On Saturdays, the studio can be booked for kids’ birthdays! Parties are two hours long, and are for kids age 9 and up.

I can see these parties being REALLY popular with pre-teens and teens who are too “cool” for other venues. Painting and sipping bubbly juice while you chat with a real artist?? What could be cooler than that?

Kids get a step-by-step session with a professional artist. The artist will lead them through the creation of a certain painting, using various techniques and different types of brushes. The kids can choose from a selection of paintings at Vin Gogh – maybe the owl?

Birthday parties at Vin Gogh include all of the kids’ art supplies (canvas, paint, etc), juice and cupcakes. The cost is $35 per child, with a minimum of 10 kids ($350). This is right on par with similar parties in Calgary.

You can get food for the kids, as well – Vin Gogh has an on-site kitchen that turns out amazing food. The adult menu at the studio can be altered for kids – for instance, their flatbread can be made with ham and pineapple instead of prosciutto, basil pesto, mushroom and cheese with fresh arugula.


The Best Part

Did that flatbread description make your mouth water? You’re in luck. While the kiddos are painting on the left side of the room, you and the other parents sit on the right side of the room and indulge in the incredible food and wine menu! It’s a party for YOU, too! 

Brenda said that adults could join in the painting as well, but after reading the menu, I know I would not be able to resist sitting down and trying a little of everything. The chefs at Vin Gogh are SAIT culinary students, and their skill and creativity definitely comes through in the menu.

And on top of all that, you’re supporting a business that is completely local. That’s a win-win-win in my books.

Full disclosure: I was compensated for this post, but not with wine.