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Vive La France!

Visiting France & pain au chocolatIn case you notice the crickets hopping around the blog lately, I’m in Paris for the week (with a brief jaunt to Switzerland for a couple of days to see Mumford & Sons). This is my first trip to Europe in years and my first trip to Paris EVER.

Yesterday, we arrived to a rainy, dreary Paris. After the 8 plus hour flight, I was super tired (thanks to the laughing, seat punching people behind me on the plane). I blame the tiredness for the first day being a bit of a gong show. You see, I fell in the metro.

No ….not like a tiny trip…nope.

I FELL in the METRO. Like BOOM….flat out, face down, arm between the train and the platform….

FELL in the metro. I think I scared the hell out of Dewey and the rest of the people on that train car. He helped me up & a nice man jumped up to give me his seat. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt too badly. Two bruised knees, a skinned hand, ripped jeans and a large bruise on my arm were all the injuries I sustained. Obviously, it could have been much, much worse.

Whatever….I’m in Paris! Onward and upward is what I say! Today? Much better. How could it not be when I had the best pain au chocolat in the word? Exactly.


Saturday 9th of March 2013

Have fun and stay safe from now on!!!


Saturday 9th of March 2013

Glad to hear Day 2 is treating you better!