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Wall-Climbing Parties at Vivo (formerly Cardel Place)

This week, the lovely Brooke from Brooklyn Berry Designs is telling us all about her son’s wall-climbing party at Vivo for Healthier Generations (formerly Cardel Place)! 

Recently my son decided that for his 6th birthday party, he wanted more than just his immediate family to attend – he wanted to invite his friends from school.  

His birthday is in March, which meant there wouldn’t be a lot of outside activities to participate in, and the idea of having all of those kids in my house was a nightmare.  After seeing the climbing wall at the rec center while we were there swimming, the kids were all begging to try climbing the rock wall. 


Climbing wall parties are ideal for ages 4+. The birthday boy and his friends were all 6 years old. Everyone was able to climb the wall fairly easily. My 3 year old twins were able to try to climb up the wall a few feet. They had fun and were able to have some success, but I wouldn’t say it would be the ideal age for party attendees. Grandma was also in attendance and had a blast climbing the wall. 


  • Up to 12 participants: $133 per hour. This includes 2 instructors to belay.  
  • 13-20 participants: $198 per hour. This includes 3 instructors to belay. 

The price includes all the equipment and instructions needed to climb the wall for an hour straight. 


  • September to June: Saturdays at 4pm and 5pm; Sundays at 12pm
  • July to August: Saturdays & Sundays at 3pm and 4pm

Times book up fairly quickly, so plan on booking more than a month in advance of your party date.

Party Rooms

There are various rooms available to book in addition to your party package. They are $49 for an hour, and include the set-up of tables and chairs. You can bring your own decorations and food and head right to the climbing wall after cake and presents!

What I Loved

The best part of the party was the amazing instructors.  They were so good at giving instructions about climbing safely, in a fun way.  They held the kids’ attention and made it exciting for everyone.  Everyone was able to get gear on and climb for the entire hour we were at the wall.  

While there were 3 awesome instructors available for the hour, there were also lines with an auto-belay so 6-7 kids could climb at the same time.  Nobody waited long to climb, which was great! With no time to rest, we were all exhausted by the time our hour was up.


Other Parties at Vivo

Vivo also offers Sports Parties, Bouncy Castle Parties, and Swim Parties. Check their website for more information!

Full Disclosure: This party was provided free of charge, in exchange for a review on Best Birthdays. Thank you, Vivo!