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Walt Disney World ~ Epcot Center

On day two of our Walt Disney World trip we headed over to Epcot. (Just an FYI, I’m not going to do a post for every day of our vacation. We just took lots of pictures on the first few days so it makes sense to separate them….Don’t want to bore you to death or anything!) Epcot has always been my favorite park. Unfortunately that feeling has faded over time. I think it’s because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten to REALLY visit some of the countries featured instead of just seeing the Disney version. Regardless, I still love visiting. We started off the day in the front of the park where most of the rides are. Jenn, as usual, was our trusty navigator. She insured that we saw everything we wanted before it got too busy. The highlights were Soarin’, which is just amazing, and Mission Space, which you couldn’t PAY me to get on!

Chris & Will playing an Energy video game in The Land (I think).

Nicole hamming it up for the camera….imagine that!

Oh NO! Will & Nicole got eaten by Bruce!

In the afternoon, Jenn & I took some time to go through the country pavillions & do some shopping. It was pretty cold & I felt like a real heel for making the kids leave their sweaters at the hotel. They didn’t seem to mind TOO much…Nicole just got really hyper so she could keep warm. We had reservations at the Garden Grille in The Land building. It is a pretty cool restaurant that revolves. As you go around you get to see parts of one of the rides. Farmer Mickey, Chip, Dale & Pluto also make visits while you are dining. The food was super yummy (and served family style). It was a nice break after a long day of walking.

Shayla, Nicole, Chip, Ronin & Will

Nicole & Shayla cracked me up with the peace signs. It reminded me & Dewey of when we went to Bali and this is what all the Japanese tourists were doing in their photos.

Me & Mickey….we’re buds!

Waiting for the fireworks to start at the end of an AWESOME day!


Saturday 24th of January 2009

We ate at that restaurant, too! It was a very unique experience. Without a doubt, a cool atmosphere for dining. Reservations are definitely the way to go at Disney.