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Walt Disney World ~ Magic Kingdom

Day Three we spent at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. I figured that this would be our huge day because in my mind Magic Kingdom was huge. Little did I know that it’s really not that big. We went early to MK (8am) because we had the early extra magic hour. This helped us get a head start on the rides we wanted to do before the lines got ridiculous. The biggest disappointment of the day was that Splash Mountain was closed. We all rode it last time we were there & the kids were excited that it would be one of the few rides I would go on with them. Unfortunately, no luck. The guy working the “It’s closed” sign gave us a cheerful “It’ll be open in 2 weeks”! Umm…thanks…we won’t be here then. Right after lunch we headed back to the hotel for a rest & then came back to the park for the parade & fireworks. I decided to forgo taking pictures of the parade. I already have a picture of every single thing in the Animal Kingdom Parade & I figured that was enough. 🙂

We did go back to Magic Kingdom for part of the day on Saturday. Some of the pictures here are from that day.

Will & Nicole hamming it up in the stockade.

To Infinity & Beyond, Space Rangers!

We totally should have bought her this hat but where would we have put it on the plane?

Willsy feeling very much the pirate…good thing it’s not loaded!

Argh! Lots of pirates on this trip!

Ronin, Chris, Will, Shayla & Nicole waiting in Line for The Jungle Cruise (aka the lamest ride to ever have a line that long!)

No Kings here…neither of them could budge the sword from the stone.
Oh well, there’s always next time!

Hanging out waiting for the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor show to start. It was pretty funny!