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What about ME? – Parties for Parents

What about ME? – Parties for Parents

As parents, we focus on making birthdays special for kids. But what about US? Grown-ups have birthdays, too! How do we make parties for parents special?

The problem is that parents have no time and no energy to plan fun parties for each other. But you know who DOES? Kids!!

This year, I let my three-year-old daughter plan my husband’s party. She picked out his cake, then we went to the dollar store for supplies (I am not made of money, people). We ended up with a pink tablecloth, Spider-Man plates and cups, Avengers napkins, purple utensils, and Disney Princess party hats. It was under $20.

When we got home, she unpacked everything and set the table. I didn’t even have to ask – she was the happiest Birthday Slave ever.

So festive! And I barely had to lift a finger!

Parties for Parents – Tips!

  • Work day? Send something! If your spouse has to work on their birthday, send something to them at work to make it less depressing. Flowers or a fruit bouquet will be appreciated. Also, Cookies by George delivers!
  • Use child labour. Kids will think this is FUN instead of WORK. Let them choose a few decorations and set everything up. It’s really funny to see what they do, and it will definitely look cheery.
  • Order dinner. No cooking + no dishes = happy parents. Even if you just get McD’s, at least you are not cooking.
  • Give the parent some alone-time. Let’s be honest. We all know what every parent wants for their birthday: an hour without anyone touching them or talking to them. Birthday bliss!

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