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What Your Mom REALLY Wants for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, you guys! If you are a mom, you can leave this page open and put the computer somewhere conspicuous. If you are a husband or child, READ ON.


I completed a very scientific survey of my friends who are moms, and asked them to tell me what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day. They were honest and hilarious – here’s what they came up with.

Moms Really Want…

1) Alone Time

Moms often have no time for favourite hobbies. Like reading, or sleeping. There were a lot of requests for some alone time, including:

  • “Legit sleeping in. Not the crap where everyone screams in my ear until I get up.”
  • “A night in a hotel. Alone.”
  • “A full day at the spa and a night in a hotel with breakfast in bed.” (Dream big, people!)
  • “A nap.”
  • “I want to poop by myself and eat food without anyone thugging up on me.”
  • “A book and a quiet place to read it.”
  • “Two hours, preferably during the day, to read a book or watch TV and feel zero guilt about it.” (The guilt thing is key, people.)
2) Alone Time at the Spa
This was a VERY popular choice. My friends suggested:
  • “A spa gift certificate to use another day.” (Thereby creating TWO Mother’s Days, smart!)
  • “A pedicure.” (This came up more than once)
  • “Alone time – preferably 90 minutes of it on a massage table.”
3) Food


  • “I want to sit down to eat and then NOT GET UP AGAIN UNTIL I AM DONE EATING. Sorry, did I yell?”
  • “A night in a hotel with breakfast in bed.”
  • “I want someone else to make all the meals.”
  • “Mother’s Day brunch.”
  • “Tea somewhere fancy with no kids.”
  • “I want my kids to draw me a picture or something, and I do not want to make dinner.”


4) Other
  • “I want not to end up at Urgent Care. Last year, my kid threw a popcorn seed into his brother’s ear.”
  • “I want to not spend an hour looking for a plastic Paw Patrol dog that is half an inch tall.”
  • “I want drawings from my kids.”
  • “Flowers.”
A few people also said they’d like some quality time with their kids, but they were obviously just trying not to be jerks.
What Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!