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Where to Eat in Bentley, Alberta

Where to Eat in Bentley, Alberta

Ever since buying my store in Bentley, I’ve had people come in and ask me “where is a good place to have lunch?” Bentley is a tiny town but we have lots of options. Of course, you won’t find any Michelin stars but there are lots of yummy options. Here is a run down of where to eat in Bentley Alberta to help you decide where and what to eat!

I have included local favourites as well as my own. Thank you to everyone on the Bentley Post It Facebook board for helping me with my research! As with any small town, open days and hours can change with the seasons so make sure and check Google or Facebook before you head out.

Restaurants in Bentley, Alberta

The Drop Coffee and Tea Bentley, AB

The Drop Coffee & Tea – 5013 50th Ave, Bentley

A small town with good coffee? What’s that you say? You don’t believe me? Well, in Bentley’s case it is TRUE. Head over to The Drop Coffee and Tea. It is housed in a cute little barn with a lovely deck to sit on to enjoy your coffee. They have brewed coffee, teas, espresso drinks and fresh baking. They also have gelato, sorbet and gluten free offerings in their freezer.

Muffins from The Drop Coffee & Tea in Bentley, AB

Merry’s Faves at The Drop – You can’t go wrong with an Iced Coffee (add a shot of Chocolate Cookie flavouring…yum!) and whatever muffin is available that day (rhubarb, pumpkin and strawberry lemon are my favorites). Not into coffee? Try the Thai Iced Tea, Hibiscus tea with a shot of pineapple flavouring or an Earl Gray.

NOTE: The Drop also offers a variety of smokies, brisket, beef jerky and pepperoni sticks from DH Custom Sausage. It’s a great place to stock up for a weekend campfire!

Other Locals Love – Kid’s (and adults) absolutely adore the Frozen Hot Chocolate. Other popular favourites are Chai Lattes and the freshly made croissants. The Drop has become a daily haunt for many of us so believe me when I say everything is delicious.

Monkey Top Saloon in Bentley, AB

The Monkey Top Saloon – 5002 50 Ave, Bentley

The Monkey Top is known far and wide as a favourite visit for bikers and cowboys alike. At the lake, we love to cross the lake on snowmobiles to grab wings and appies with our friends. It has the look and feel of an old time saloon and is great for people watching. The Monkey Top has changed around their interior so kids are now allowed until 9pm!

Merry’s Faves at The Monkey Top – My ALL TIME FAVOURITE thing at the Monkey Top is their Monkey Caesars and their occasional lunch special, Shrimp Tacos. There at a different time? The wings are a huge favourite with locals and visitors coming in for Wing Night on Wednesdays and Thursdays (dine in only). I also really like their beef dip (with added cheese) and their clubhouse (it’s HUGE). Oh and Monkey Chips are my favourite side. They’re homemade potato chips with a sweet and spicy dip.

Other Locals Love – Caesars and wings were mentioned MULTIPLE times when I asked for everyone’s favourite dishes in town. Other favourites include the Beef Dip, poutine, nachos (the full order is HUGE so if it is for one or two people get the half order), the BLT, the Monkey Club sandwich (also huge and enough to share),

Piccolo Pizza in Bentley, AB

Piccolo Pizza – 5013 50 St, Bentley

Piccolo Pizza is owned by a lovely couple who previously owned a restaurant in downtown Calgary. William and Rosa are friendly and always welcome guests into their small restaurant. They also have a small patio.

Piccolo Pizza Sub in Bentley, AB

Merry’s Faves at The Piccolo Pizza – I love the spring rolls from Piccolo. They are made to order so they are always piping hot and delicious. I also really like their hamburgers because they are handmade patties and have a hamburger sauce that makes them different from your regular burger option.

Other Locals Love – Wor Wonton soup (it’s not on the menu…just ask), the Piccolo Pizza and the BBQ Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, The Monster Burger, teriyaki wings, lasagna, the Piccolo Pizza Sub and the Chicken Wrap.

Subway in Bentley, AB

Subway – 4930 50 Ave, Bentley

The Subway in Bentley has all your regular Subway favourites as well as great (and fast) service and a clean establishment. It’s always a great choice for something quick that is a known commodity.

The Bentley Bar and The Bentley Palace in Bentley Alberta

The Bentley Bar & The Palace (Chinese)- 5025 50 Ave, Bentley

The Bentley Bar is in the Bentley Hotel. It has an extensive patio built around the back of the hotel. The Bentley Palace offers Chinese food. Currently dine-in at the bar is adults only. Diners at The Palace can eat in the bar, on the patio or in the restaurant. Kids are allowed in the restaurant. Take out is also available.

Merry’s Faves at The Bentley Bar – The Bentley Bar and the Palace are the restaurants I definitely need to try more/again. My timing has been terrible. The Chinese food we had there was fresh and delicious. It’s made to order and they do not use MSG (if you care about that….I don’t).

Other Locals Love – Appies seem to be the favourite at The Bentley Bar. Makes sense to me! Grab a pint and an appetizer and catch up with friends. As for the Palace, the Lemon Chicken was mentioned by many. Other suggestions are Ginger beef, Shanghai noodles and Chicken Chow Mein. They are also very open to making changes for allergies, etc.

Bentley Rose in Bentley Alberta

The Bentley Rose – 4938 50 Ave, Bentley (Currently closed due to illness)

The Bentley Rose has a clean and bright dining room which makes it a great option if you want to eat in for Chinese. It is your usual small town Chinese place with the owners serving your food. Nan is awesome and always goes above and beyond.

Merry’s Faves at The Bentley Rose – Our family loves the fried wontons from The Bentley Rose.

Other Locals Love – Check out The Bentley Rose for pork dumplings, Kung Pow Shrimp, Veggie Chow Mein, Chicken Chow Mein, Ginger Beef and the spring rolls.

Pizza in Bentley

If there is anything we have a lot of in Bentley, it’s pizza. Depending on who you talk to, you will get different answers on which one is “best”. Instead of telling you what to eat, I’m going to describe each of your options and you can make your own choices.

Piccolo Pizza – While Piccolo’s pizza is not what I would consider thin crust, it is the thinnest crust in town. You get a thinner crust, a good amount of toppings and then a sprinkle of cheese on top which is broiled to a crisp brown. They have specialty pizzas, build your own options and specials if you buy two.

The Monkey Top – Pizza at the Monkey top is a thick affair with TONS of toppings and cheese. It is touted as the best pizza in Bentley and many agree. The meat toppings are very, very generous and can sometimes (IMO) overwhelm the crust.

So as you can see, there are lots of pizza options but they are NOT all the same. Hopefully this helps you decide which one will be more to your taste. I’ve had them all and they are all great depending on my mood.

Where to Eat if You Are Continuing on from Bentley?

Further afield or heading out of Bentley? Definitely stop into the Wooden Shoe in Gull Lake for their weekend brunch buffet and freshly made Dutch Favourites.

You can also check out My Favourite Restaurants in Lacombe post for ideas there.

What to do in Bentley, Alberta

We love our small town! You can read all about it in Bentley Alberta Small Town Charm , Things to Do in Central Alberta and The Bentley Alberta Gift and Shopping Guide. If you come to visit, don’t forget to come into Merry’s Mercantile and say hi!

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