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Visiting Calgary’s Winsport Canada Olympic Park #Momblr

Ready to go on the Skyline Luge - Merry About Town

When I think of Winsport Canada Olympic Park, I think of COP and skiing. You see, that is one of the places Dewey decided to take me when he tried to teach me how to ski. It did not go well. I am from Alabama….skiing is not something I do. I digress. I didn’t realize that there were so many things that you could do at COP in the summer. When we got a chance to visit as a family, we weren’t sure what to expect. We had a blast and Evan has been asking when we can go back ever since.

Go Pro on the Skyline Luge - Merry About Town

Skyline Luge

The first stop on our COP visit was the Skyline Luge. We thought we knew what to expect because we rode the Alpine Slide in Montana. We were wrong….the Skyline Luge was MUCH better. On the Alpine Slide you went straight down, one at a time. On the Skyline Luge, the track is wide enough for riders to ride side by side and pass. Adventurous riders can even race. Dewey and Evan were smoking down the track. So much so that I got to don a GoPro camera on my helmet to catch them going down the track. Evan was old enough to ride by himself but he much preferred whizzing down the track with his Daddy at the wheel…er….handle.

Skyline Luge - Merry About Town

As a bit of a chicken, I loved that you could go as fast or as slow on the luge as you were comfortable with. I also really liked that the track is loooooong. In fact, it is the longest in Canada. Since you have to ride back to the top of the hill on the ski lift, it is nice that you have a long, fun ride before you have to head back up.

At the Bottom of the Skyline Luge - Merry About Town

The Skyline Luge was definitely Evan’s favorite part of the day. We keep hearing radio ads for the luge and every time he says “When are we going back?”

COP Children’s Activity Area

After the luge, we headed over to the Children’s Activity Area. The Children’s Activity Area has three main activities: the Spiderweb, the climbing wall and the Eurobungy. Evan decided to try out the Spiderweb and the Eurobungy. He really liked both of them. He was a little worried when he saw the Spiderweb because it was so tall. It has 10 floors of webs to climb through. He quickly decided he was up for the challenge, though, and the next thing we knew he was at the top.

Winsport Canada Olympic Park Spiderweb - Merry About Town

After conquering the Spiderweb, we headed over to the Eurobungy. Evan was PUMPED. He’s done the Eurobungy before and he knew it was a lot of fun. Plus, since there weren’t many kids there he got to stay on longer than the last time he rode. Bounce, bounce, bounce. He was convinced he was flying with the birds.

Euro bungy at COP - Merry About Town

COP Mini Golf

Since our day so far had been pretty high adrenaline, we decided to take it down a notch and play a nice game of Mini Golf. The course at COP is gorgeously landscaped. It was very busy the weekend we were there but everyone seemed to be taking turns. Dewey tried to give Evan a few lessons in golf but Evan takes after me…..keep hacking until you finally get it in the cup. We gave up counting about half way through but we’re pretty sure Dewey won with Evan and I coming in at 100 times his score. Regardless, we had fun.

COP Mini Golf - Merry About Town

Overall, we had a great day. I can’t wait to see the video of our day on #Momblr mostly because I want to see the GoPro video form my helmet cam.

Stay tuned for my next (and last) #Momblr post about our visit to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

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