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Winter Fun in Kimberley, BC

We had a nice little ski getaway this weekend to Kimberley, BC. We have a friend who is a developer at a lovely resort (Mountain Spirit) so we went to visit with her & her family.

kimberley BC

We had an awesome time. I am not much of a skier but Dewey, Will & Nicole love it. None of them had ever skied at Kimberley before but they all liked it. It’s a great family ski hill.

They skied for 2 days while Evan and I hung out at the condo. The resort was ski in/ski out so they got to come back for lunch to break up the day. Evan and I got a kick out of watching the skiers out the window. Some of the kids skiing looked so darn little!

kimberley BC 1
Checking out the Ski School. Evan didn’t want his picture taken.
Kimberley BC 2
There’s a better smile!
Kimberley BC 3
Evan was running after me throwing snowballs.
Kimberley BC 4
“I gettin’ you Mommy!”
Kimberley BC 5
Our resort & the ski hill.
kimberley BC 6
“I got a GIANT snowball to get Mommy!”

I decided that I really wanted to try snowshoeing while we were there. The Kimberley ski hill offers a guided snowshoeing adventure where you ride up the ski lift and then snowshoe back down to the base.

Half way through you stop for hot coocoa and cookies. It was a blast. Our guide’s name is Sam and he was a great guide. He took us around to some of the old mining sites on the ski hill & told us a bit about how Kimberley got started.

The tour is only offered if there are 2 or more people signed up. I was lucky enough to inquire on the day that a group of 6 was signed up. They were visiting from England and were an absolute riot. We had so much fun. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without John, Joe, Claire, Tamzen, Leigh & Carrie!

Getting my snowshoes on at the top of the ski hill. I had to ride the ski lift (chair behind me) which scares the crap out of me but I survived!
Kimberley views
One of the vistas we saw snowshoeing.
kimberley at night


Kimberley ski hill/resort area as we returned from snowshoeing.
Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow is fun but playing in the snow & in the dark is WAY MORE fun!

We can’t wait to go back! Kimberley is a bit of a trek for us (5 hours each way) but it was a great long weekend get away!

Allyson Blake

Monday 1st of March 2010

Hi DeweyIt was great to meet you and your lovely family during your visit to Kimberley. I hope we meet again and get playing some music next time too!Ally